We find you key members of your team at every level of your organization.

J. Abadi & Associates

Staffing and Executive Search

Staffing and Executive Search

Staffing and Executive SearchStaffing and Executive SearchStaffing and Executive Search

Our Philosophy

People first


We find the right candidates for your company strategy and vision.   

Staffing, is no longer just a numbers game!

We learn about what's important to our clients and what makes their company unique.


Luxury brands need the right people

Our clients culture is of the utmost importance to us during the search process. As a recruiter, fit is key when introducing candidates.  Our approach is both flexible and targeted in order to be the most efficient we can be in sourcing candidates. 



Our experience in Retail, wholesale and e-commerce sets us apart from other search firms.  Our field experience in the consumer goods related industry in Management, Store operations,  Planning, Merchandising and Design is what helps us understand a clients needs quickly and identify the right candidates for any role.